Barratt House Liverpool, OpenMedia

Open Media and Concept Group have joined forces to install a large digital screen at Barratt House in central Liverpool. Located on the corner of North John Street and Lord Street in the heart of Liverpool’s shopping district, the ‘Mega Six’ advertising display has been identified as the largest portrait digital screen in Liverpool.

The project presented the team with an unusual challenge; to install the LED display onto the building’s bespoke corner. The team fabricated an innovative steel support structure to retain the display. Installing two bespoke three sided steel structures within the two alcoves, Concept operatives created a flat facade onto which the modules are attached. The Daktronics LED technology was selected for it’s excellent image quality, colour depth and reliability.

The main benefit of this unusual digital construction is that it is conveniently positioned to be visible to both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. The site sits opposite the designer Liverpool ONE shopping centre, along one of Liverpool’s main arterial routes. It has the ability to impact consumers travelling in and out of the city, with the 2017 footfall records reaching over 29 million.

The team at Concept Group arranged for the installation to take place over night, minimising disruption to the city centre. This has been a brilliant example of Concept Group’s punctuality and reliability.