Gallions Reach Phelan

Concept Group were commissioned by Phelan to supply and install 3 totem structures at Gallions Reach Shopping Park. The totems ranged from 6 to 14 meters in height and all included 2 digital LED screens.

The groundworks for the project were complex, requiring Concept Group to develop a specialist piling solution using displacement screw piles to a depth of 20 meters. The ground being piled into was subject to heavy contaminants and hazardous ground material, so it was imperative to design a solution in which no contaminated material was removed. Once the piles were cured and tested we constructed a reinforced steel foundation and poured a sulphate resistant concrete to complete the foundation structures.

The 3 totems were lifted using cranes and landed in one night, with screen commissioning the following day finalizing our works. The displays are now in use not only giving details of the Shopping Park tenants, but also advertising events and offers – both attracting new customers and communicating with the captive audience already on site at the time of decision making.