Guildford Business Park

Concept Group were enlisted in the design, build and installation of a signage revamp at the Guildford Business Park complex. 18 various signage installations around the park consisting of entrance branding, directory totems, way finders and building identifiers were successfully installed and have vastly improved the aesthetics and usability of the park.

The business park boundary defines an area of approximately 5.4 hectares, with 4 buildings that provide around 24,000 sqm (260,000sq ft) of office accommodation with further ancillary buildings for amenity, security and estate management. These are now all now refreshed with new signage. The park has 2 main entry locations by road, each hosting an impressive branded welcome sign. Displayed on wayfinders and directories, the various tenants are listed in a consistent and legible way, whilst remaining sympathetic to each brand identity.

The project also included the signage for both parking areas adjacent to each building and the additional parking at the southern edge of the park. David French, our manager for this project stated:

“It has been a pleasure to be a part of this project, to see it go from design to installation. The site has really been elevated in its appearance and the whole Park will benefit from the refresh”.

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