Millennium Point Roof Signage

Concept Group installed 15 individual letters to the roof of Millennium point in Birmingham, totaling 1.4m high and 15m wide. Each letter contains RBG LED modules allowing them to be illuminated from a vast array of colours.

Environmentally the LED has a far smaller carbon footprint than any other lighting options available. In turn this makes it very cost effective as it draws very low amounts of electricity to illuminate.  The LED option also has a lifespan of around 43,800 hours constant use, making it extremely reliable and easy to maintain.

Concept Group brought together a team of installers and operators to enable a seamless program of works, and following initial surveys Concept Group produced engineering for the manufacture and installation of the signage. Substantial steel framing was required to support the lettering in its very exposed location and it took abseil engineers to fix the main frame sections to the buildings own steel structure. Due to the size of the letters, access was not available through the building and the letters had to be lifted to the roof area by crane 25m from the ground level.

Major safety precautions were put in place to secure the work area and protect the public, with 24-hour security in place over the 3 days that the installation took place. The install was completed on schedule and the site was cleared without incident.