Stratford Tower London, JCDecaux

The Brief

Concept Group have been working in Stratford for the removal, recycling and rebuild of an iconic large format LED display for JCDecaux UK. The project involved the removal of the existing tower, making way for the new design and more advanced screen technology. Watch as the team dismantle the old structure and build the new below by time lapse!

The Solution

The project was contained between a busy main road and a large building site. Access to the site was limited to when the building site was closed. The team took delivery of the sections of the new structure on each shift from an escorted abnormal load lorry. The process required permissions from the police to transport the sections at certain times and temporarily holding traffic for site access.

All the materials from the original structure and displays were fully recycled and the new structure material responsibly sourced. Concept Group coordinated the various aspects of the project from initial planning stages right through to commissioning the final displays, fully complying to health and safety standards along with our environmental management requirements.

The 26 meter high structure holds two full colour Daktronics LED displays, one on each elevation. The team managed the sourcing, transportation and installation of the displays into the structure. One key challenge was to coordinate the lift and placement of the display on the far side of the tower. Careful planning and extra precaution was required by the team to lift the displays over and round the tower out of the crane operators’ sight.

The tower was commissioned late September and has been fitted with blue internal illumination. The impressive tower can be seen from over a mile away on the approach into the Bow area of Stratford.

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