Birmingham City University World Map

Here at Concept Group we have a talented design team. Birmingham City University (BCU) commissioned Concept Group to design, create and install a visual representation of the variety of locations across the world where their students have originated and where they now work.

From the data provided, our designer Michael Starkey designed an innovative and sophisticated world map highlighting each location. The installation measures 1.5 x 6 metres and is mounted above the cafeteria in the main building at the university.

The 10mm circular holes identify the countries and are stencils backed with a light sheet acrylic diffuser. The internal white LED illumination shines through and creates a stark contrast against the black. The map itself is cut from brushed aluminium and the strips which were aligned between the holes.

The installation has now stood the test of time as this was first installed back in 2015 and remains a smart and sophisticated piece for the cafeteria.

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