The Right
Product For
Your Requirements

Our expert team take the time to fully understand your needs before identifying the right type of signage for you.
We develop sign solutions that encompass a wide variety of sign types.

Freestanding Signs & Monoliths

Freestanding signs will increase visibility for your site and are an effective way to attract visitors, communicating a strong brand identity. 

Our design-led solutions can include a variety of options including single or double sided, curved design, v-shaped, as well as illuminated and non-illuminated choices. We are completely adaptable to your requirements and cater for any size or shape. We offer additional features to provide a real statement sign including timber, metal or stone cladding, and feature LED lighting. Typically found in retail, industry and office environments, our sign solutions will make a real impact to visitors.

Freestanding signs will often include maps and directional information to direct visitors around the site, and enforce a positive experience. A turnkey solution to any sign installation is important, especially in the case of free standing signs. Our approach encompasses structural engineer’s calculations, foundation base works, complete fabrication of the sign structures, installations inclusive of any contract lifts if required and on site project management and commissioning.

Corporate Branding

Our skilled team are able to interpret your brand & provide visually stunning sign solutions that will create lasting first impressions.

As visual communication experts, we understand the importance of brand identity and are passionate about how signage can be an effective method of creating positive brand recognition and perception. Corporate branding can be found both externally and internally. Building identification and entrance signage will create the right first impression, welcome visitors and direct them effectively.

Internal schemes will continue to enforce the brand at every stage whether it’s in the reception area, walkways or meeting areas. We perform on many levels, from interpreting the brand and creating visually stunning signage solutions, through design to project management, service level agreements and ongoing support.

Architectural & Wayfinding

Working closely with architects, designers & contractors we are fully experienced in delivering distinct and effective sign schemes.

Our architectural signage solutions are designed to make real impact, whether it’s external building identification signage, statement reception signage or an internal way-finding scheme. With over 16 years’ experience and expertise, we are able to provide a consultative approach to clients offering design suggestions and best practise advice. We are able to work to architect’s conceptual drawings or interpret an open brief and provide a proposal of design options. Our in-house design team can create striking new signage designs or additional signage to meet

existing schemes, which can provide a cost effective method of refreshing the look and feel of any environment. We draw on a range of materials and the latest sign making techniques to provide bespoke features including timber cladding, architectural lighting and stone masonry. An effective way-finding solution can be achieved through modular, bespoke and digital signage elements. This can be enhanced with architectural signage at key locations, for example, projecting information points or custom-made monolith signs.

Bespoke Solutions

We can provide custom-made solutions to meet your requirements, whether the solution is architectural, quirky, or large in scale.

Concept Group is leading the way in bespoke signage. We have the capability to create a solution for your requirements whatever the size, shape, budget or brief, and are proud to be viewed as the ‘go-to’ sign specialist for unusual requests. We relish working with clients that challenge our design capabilities. We view our role seriously and have always taken a responsibility for the design of our products. We draw on our knowledge of manufacturing, materials and techniques to create impactful results.

We have the expertise to understand the operational aspects of each project and develop structural solutions, and our design team create conceptual designs for our clients to visualise the results. We have experience installing signs in the most difficult of conditions and locations, and have delivered bespoke products to many of the UK’s premier leisure destinations, entertainment venues, and landmark buildings.

Digital Signage

Our extensive experience in digital sign solutions ranges from bespoke indoor LCD display networks to large-format outdoor LED display integration.

Concept Group was one of the first sign companies in the UK to fully embrace digital signage, and now offers a wide range of products including LCD, plasma, LED tickers, projection, touch screen displays and large format LED displays. Digital Signage can make a huge impact in a variety of applications including information display, advertising, internal communications and way-finding.

It can be an effective method of engaging with your audience through quick and responsive content updates, for example, personalised welcome messages in a reception area or current retail offers in a shopping centre.

Fascias & Wall Mounted

We are able to provide creative solutions for a wide range of applications and budgets, offering non illuminated and illuminated signs.

One of the most common forms of signage is the fascia sign. Whether on a shop front, office entrance or on the front of a retail park development, a fascia sign is easily identifiable and conveys a brand image vital to the occupier. We are able to provide creative solutions for a wide range of budgets offering illuminated and non-illuminated options. We can provide simple cost effective options or create completely bespoke, made to

measure signs of any shape or size including attractive curved solutions and built up letters. Our full turnkey solutions include a design framework and structural solution for the best results. We apply signage to a range of materials and can design a fixing principle to suit building implications. We pride ourselves on providing quality, robust products that will stand the test of time.

Display & Graphics

We create stunning visual graphics from point of sale through to wall manifestations and large format building wraps.

Our displays and graphic solutions provide an innovative way to communicate any brand or message. They are a fantastic way to make use of redundant space but can also be strategically placed to enhance entrance areas and create individual zones. Using the latest in digital print technology we are able to provide visually stunning graphics printed to a variety of substrates including PVC, stainless steel, vinyl, mesh, flags and hoardings.

We also work with latex printing inks which are an aqueous water based ink having the same durability as solvent based inks but without the environmental impact. We provide site surveys to assess the location influences of the site and make sure this is accounted for in the design and manufacturing stages. Our skilled installation team will then ensure that completed sign installations are displayed at their optimum.

Individual Letters

Individual letters can be supplied in any style or size whether a standalone solution or within a larger signage proposal.

From hand crafted built up 3D letters through to flat cut letters produced on the latest laser cutting technology we can provide a full range of products in a huge variety of materials and finishes including stainless steel, aluminium, bronze and acrylic. We can apply a powder coating to match any colour of branding and our specialist installation team can install them using a range of fixing methods.

As sign specialists we have the skill to provide letters with a rimless finish for ultimate effect as well as a typical rim and return finish. Our design and manufacturing capability allows us to create letters in enormous size options or integrated within a logo design. Our letters can be illuminated using energy efficient LED’s to increase visibility.